“Asteria, Asociación Internacional de Mitocrítica, en colaboración con Amaltea, Revista de Mitocrítica, Acis, Grupo de Investigación de Mitocrítica y el Proyecto Acis&Galatea, convoca el IV Congreso Internacional de Mitocrítica, que gira en torno a la problemática “Mito y emociones”.

Junto a la lógica racional existe una lógica emocional, responsable última de muchas acciones que realizamos. La mitocrítica suele abordar los relatos míticos desde una perspectiva estructural, social, histórica, etc. Sin embargo, a menudo ignora el componente emocional. Parece como si la dimensión afectiva, particularmente activa en nuestra sociedad contemporánea, no fuera pertinente en los estudios de mitología.

La fecha límite de envío de propuestas de comunicación o mesas redondas es el 30 de abril de 2016.

El congreso se celebrará del 
24 al 28 de octubre en la Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

Página oficial del IV Congreso Internacional de de Mitocrítica “Mito y emociones”.

Puede encontrarnos también en 
Facebook o en Twitter.”




Convocatoria de Debra Ochoa y Maria DiFrancesco:  Call for Gender Spanish Urban Spaces



Congreso Internacional
Pensamiento crítico y ficciones en torno a la Transición española
Universidad de Zaragoza, 23, 24 y 25 de noviembre de 2016

2016 AHH ELECTIONS: Elecciones Generales Convocatoria 2016 (Word); Elecciones Generales Convocatoria 2016 (PDF)


On April 24, 2013, the Ecuadorian Institute of Hispanic Culture bestowed upon AHH President Jorge Valdivieso Eguiguren the title of Honorary Member of the IECH.  President Valdivieso was inducted in a formal session, where the organization highlighted his excellent work on behalf of the humanities and Hispanic culture.

En la fotografía de izquierda a derecha: Carlos Trueba Andrade, vocal del Directorio institucional; Francisco Núñez Proaño, presidente del IECH entrega el diploma de reconocimiento y acreditación como Socio Honorario a Jorge Valdivieso Eguiguren.      



Call for Book Chapters

Research in Global Child Advocacy Series

Volume 6: Child Advocacy and Early Childhood Education Policies in the Caribbean

Editors Ilene R. Berson and Michael J. Berson
IAP Publishers

This volume will explore early childhood education policies and practices in the Caribbean. Early childhood development has gained increasing importance as part of national agendas to achieve social and economic goals. Regional guidelines and action plans have been developed, but progress across nations varies. Chapters in the book will analyze child policies and issues, critically examine progress on alignment between policies and practices, and propose recommendations for advocacy and implementation that may advance the early childhood development agenda throughout the Caribbean.

Submit your chapter by Microsoft Word email attachment by June 1, 2013 in order to be considered for inclusion in the book. See Author Guidelines at Your chapter should be 25-40 pages in length and follow the chapter organizational format described below. Graphics and images may be included.

Submissions will be evaluated in the following categories: scholarship, significance, lucidity, originality, adherence to the theme, adherence to 6th edition APA style guidelines, and overall quality. Also note that upon acceptance of your manuscript, Information Age Publishing will require you to complete chapter agreement and publication agreement forms (available at

Send chapters and inquiries to both:

Ilene Berson and Michael Berson

Each book chapter will include the following components:


The vignette aims to provide an authentic example of an issue and its impact on young children in a real or hypothetical organization. It is often based on actual situations, which may be fictionalized to protect confidentiality. It is especially important for readers to clearly see the relevance and importance of the topic in reading the vignette. Therefore, in addition to the description of a specific problem, a vignette should include additional information necessary to place the scenario in context (such as questions of policy or procedure, issues relating to reporting relationships or hierarchies or financial or administrative concerns) which will be addressed in subsequent sections of the chapter where you will provide an analysis of possible solutions or actions arising from the situation.

Defining the Issue in the Caribbean

Context and importance of the problem The purpose of this section of the chapter is to identify and describe a current and urgent advocacy issue which requires action. The context and importance of the problem includes the following:

– A clear statement of the problem or issue in focus.

– An overview of the root causes of the problem

– A statement of the policy implications of the problem which clearly establishes the current importance and policy relevance of the issue.

Recommendations for Policy and Practice

The aim of the policy recommendations section is to guide early childhood educators and advocates regarding actions they might take in order to best help young children and their families.

– Describe current policies and recommendations for action with research-based evidence to support your ideas.

– A breakdown of the specific practical steps or measures that need to be implemented

– Include a closing paragraph re-emphasizing the importance of action and/or connecting this action back to the vignette


Submission of full book chapters: June 1, 2013

Reviews of book chapter manuscripts sent to author(s): Summer 2013

Receipt by editors of final draft of book chapters: December 20, 2013

Final book submitted to publisher: Spring 2014

Anticipated publication: Summer 2014

Obituary (02/05/11): The Board of Directors and members of the Hispanic Association of Humanities note with deep sadness the death of Teresa Valdivieso, distinguished professor, founding member, treasurer, director of publications, a tireless writer and editor and co loving and generous. His passing leaves a huge void and regret. We will always remember his intelligence and kindness.

Beloved friends and colleagues:  On May 2nd, 2011, Leandra Teresa Valdivieso, PhD, left this earth after gracing us with her presence for 87 years.  A well established author, lecturer, and esteemed visiting professor at several universities around the world, for almost 40 of those years she taught at Arizona State University, finally becoming an Emeritus Professor.  She was also a recipient of Spain’s Officer’s Cross in the Order of Queen Isabella the Catholic.  Her dedication and passion for the humanities and women’s literature was only rivaled by her faith, commitment, and service.  She leaves behind Jorge, her husband, son Jesse, granddaughters Michelle and Nicole, and great-grandchildren Carlos and Evalyn as well as her sister, Maria Lucia and her beloved Godson, David Raúl Foster.  A memorial service and celebration of her life will be held on May 6th, 2001 at 1p.m. at the Franciscan Renewal Center, located at 5802 E. Lincoln Drive, Scottsdale with a reception to follow at the same location.  In lieu of flowers, contributions can be made to either the Valdivieso Scholarship Fund, at Thunderbird School of Global Management (15249 N. 59th Avenue, Glendale, AZ 85306), or the Valdivieso Maintenance Fund for the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe, at the Franciscan Renewal Center (5802 E. Lincoln Drive, Scottsdale, AZ, 85253).

Jorge Valdivieso

Obituary (2/22/11):   The Board of Directors and members of the Hispanic Association of Humanities express their immense grief over the death of Ana Maria Fagundo, member of AHH, constant participant in conferences and active writer for Ahh publications. We will always have great affection for our friend and great respect for his great contributions to the Association.
Obituary (6/22/10):   The Board of Directors and members of the Hispanic Association of Humanities express their immense grief over the death of Montserrat Alás Brun, founding partner, member of the election commission, regular participant in our conference, distinguished colleague and beloved friend. His memory will be with us forever and our love will be evergreen.

Obituary (17/11/08): The Association notes with sadness the death of James Augustine Castañeda (1933-2008), who was always a faithful member of the AHH, served eight years on the Editorial Board, was a member of successive Elections Committees, participated in all the meetings of the AHH and collaborated with four essays for publications. Link to the Obituary in the Houston Chronicle.

  • The V Congress of the AHH took place in June 2009. (27/6/07)
  • Convening of General Elections: Circular Dear members of the AHH, In accordance with Articles XI and XII of the Constitutive Act of the Hispanic Association of Humanities, general election is called to fill the vacancy of President-Treasurer and three members of the Board for the period of five years (2008-2012).

The following members of the Association have been nominated and have agreed to mediate in the elections:

1. President-Treasurer (Vote for one candidate) [] Jorge H. Valdivieso

2. Members (Vote for three candidates) [] Dinora Cardoso [] Susan G. Polansky [] Carmen Sotomayor [] L. Teresa Valdivieso We would greatly apreciate you voting as soon as possible. The voting period ends on November 15, 2007 and the votes will be Counted Immediately after the election period ends.

In order to send the vote, use one of the methods below:

  • Vote responding to an email (which goes directly to email Ellen Mayock [])
  • Vote using the enclosed ballot, send it as an attachment to email directly Ellen Mayock (
  • Vote using the ballot-attached and send it by mail or Mary Ann Dellinger teacher or professor Ellen Mayock;
  • ADDRESSES: Professor Mary Ann Dellinger Department of Modern Languages and Cultures Virginia Military Institute Lexington, VA 24450 USA
  • Professor Ellen Mayock Department of Romance Languages Washington and Lee University Lexington, VA 24450 USA

We appreciate your participation as members of the Hispanic Association of Humanities.

The Elections Committee Ellen Mayock, James Castañeda Committee Chair, Committee Member Mary Ann Dellinger, Committee Member