Previous Conferences

The Sixth Congress of the Association, was dedicated to honor the memory of Professor L. Teresa Valdivieso.

Official Announcement 

The Hispanic Association of Humanities has the honor of inviting teachers, researchers, writers, graduate students and others interested in studies, research and spreading of  Hispanic Humanism at the VI AHH International Congress held in Madrid in June 2012 about the theme “Literature and Cinema: the Bicentennial of Independence and the Constitution Iberoamericana de Cadiz.”

It suggests, without excluding others, the following research areas:

  • Philosophy and The Language of Democracy
  • Revolution and Thought
  • Revolution and Language Arts
  • Empire, Independence and Innovation
  • Monuments and public imagination
  • Constitution and construction
  • Nationalism in history, philosophy, language and literature
  • Evolving Aesthetics: Neoclassicism, Romanticism, Costumbrismo
  • New Imagined Communities: nation and identity
  • Aesthetic Freedom: personal and national
  • Neoclassical and Romantic elements in the current literature
  • Pedagogy (Teaching)

Those wishing to participate in the Sixth Congress, can organize panels, roundtables, thematic symposia and forums for writers and authors, with maximum participation of four people in each group. Single Also welcome are papers related to the topics and areas mentioned above. The individual paper sessions, and individual participation in panels, roundtables, etc.. should not exceed 20 minutes. The sessions, panels, roundtables, symposia, limited to 90 minutes. The deadline for submitting proposals is 29 February 2012 using the registration form below. People who are not participating in speakers or panels, etc., May enroll in the VI Congress as companions.\

Dinora Cardoso, Ph.D.
Director of the VI International Congress
Previous Congresses
To achieve its goals, the AHH has held regular meetings and conferences with the assistance and participation of renowned researchers, educators, practitioners and writers interested in the Hispanic Humanities.

The First International Conference of the Association was held in the city of Madrid in 1995. The focus, Spanish and Latin American woman in the world, attracted more than two hundred participants who contributed papers, communications, lectures, panels and roundtables to shape the fifty sesiones.The full program included poetry readings and musical Sephardic and tables of writers and poets.

The Second International Congress was held in Seville in 2000. Its central theme, Spanish women and Spanish-Portuguese-American in the new millennium: ideas and reflections, aroused great interest among the humanists of all continents, who participated in three days of panels, debates, paper presentations and panel discussions involving deep research and scholarship.

The Third International Congress held in Madrid in July 2004. Close to a hundred and fifty attendees gathered to discuss the important topic, Madrid in Spanish literature, Latin American and universal. In addition to numerous cultural activities over fifty sessions, panels, roundtables, visits to cultural institutions-academic, literary and historical tours were organized for circles of writers and poets.

The Fourth International Congress held in Madrid again, in late June 2006. The central theme was Spanish, Bulwark of Humanism: Literature, Language and Culture, which covered a wide range of interests related to the academic areas of literature, law, philosophy, history, sociology, science, art, technology, religion, rights human culture and film. A striking event of the Congress was the Tribute to Sampere Study on the fiftieth anniversary of its Foundation (1956-2006).

 The V International Congress was held in Seville in 2009 The Spanish theme: Integrator cultures. More than 220 speakers presented on the culture of the Spanish-speaking world and its connections to all academic areas of the humanities. Cultural activities were highlighted, which included historical and cultural tours of Seville, talks about Andalusian culture and flamenco exhibition sponsored by the Center for Intercultural Studies (CC-CS) in Seville. Moreover, they honored the founder of the Association, Enrique Ruiz-Fornells, who also prepared a special tribute to the great author José Manuel Caballero Bonald.

Documents relating to the Congresses held by AHH:
To achieve its goals, the AHH has held regular meetings and conferences with the assistance and participation of renowned researchers, educators, practitioners and writers interested in the Hispanic Association of the Humanities.